Hon: William Samb Is Moving Goilala Forward Through Agriculture… 

This is the story you  must read and that will leave you with out a comment..if you have been to Goilala… 

It was only 18 month when he took office after the death of late Hon: Daniel Mona.. 

Samb, after taking office promptly changed the District’s development priorities by influencing the Goilala District Development Authority to believe in Agriculture as the way forward .. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel l can see”… This were the words when concluding his statement.  That he believed would bring about change to his people that were neglected over the years… A Vision to big for the size of his Budget and the time frame to implement this vision to convince his people for his re-election into Parliament.. He put the money behind his very words and with the support of the GDDA & the Electoral staff, this is whats been harvested as the first produce within the 18 months of hard work… 

Bulb Onions from Woitape LLG…

Hon: William Samb. MP, is a Civil Engineer by Profession, and with all that experience under his belt,.. he see’s Agriculture as no deference… The principals of all Development planning & strategies are the same… It is all good when there is commitment and consistency put behind all the planning so to achieve a higher results…  He is focusing on, 1. English Potato’s,  2. Bulb Onions. 3. Coffee., 

The Member has a plan to go big in Agriculture that will pave way for new Roads to be opened making accessability possible for the Agriculture produce to supply the ever demanding Port Moresby Market.

The Pacific Street gossips will be continuely publishing the story on the Member and this new development plans on over website…



    ‘Halloween Night’ at Port Moresby’s Hottest Night Club 

    “The Cosmopolitan” hottest night club located in the heart of Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby, has now introduced a “The Halloween Night” a new look entertainment with its customer attraction program. Weather it be called a marketing strategy, or something to add on for the customers entertainment is the question now been asked on the street by the young teenagers, school age,and the old who frequent the club and see it as a professional environment .

    The Pacific Street Gossips ran street interviews with some customers to gaze views on the new events by the club’s management.

    These are what four school age teens had to say when interviewed respectively by our PSG reporters. 

    Camron 17, from Gordon’s secondary school said she loved parting but was astonished by the new ideas of the night Club. 

    ” I like to go parting but this is strange, it makes me have guise bumps”.

    Jonny 18, also from Gordon’s Secondary school said:

     “There are many ways of entertaining customers, but these is wrong, l mean it is like inviting witchcraft in the club”.. 
    Working class customers…

    Jeff, 35, a resident of Waigani thinks otherwise of the Halloween night. 

    ” We go clubbing to relax and enjoy our  cold beer with sweet pretty faced women and the sound of nice music… I don’t need satanic faced ladies for entertainment”

    Nally, 31, who works with the department of Finance questioned the purpose of the Halloween night event. 

    “What is the purpose of running a ‘Night Club’ is it entertainment & money or for scarying people?”

    While some oppose the Halloween Night event, others agreed that the event suits this morden era and age.  

    “Night clubs are meant to be fun places so it’s good the club coming up with new events to attract and entertain their customers.  It’s just customer satisfaction,” Nobert Razu said.  

    Cosmopolitan night Club continues to be the hottest and leading night Club in the city where party goers prefer the most. 

    Disable young mother struggles to survive in Port Moresby city

    A young mother of one,  presummely in her mid 30s and living with disabilities is struggling to raise her child in the heart of Papua New  Guinea’s capital city,  Port Moresby. 

    She is among dozens of others silently facing the stiffness of life given the high poverty level and the poor state of economy of the country. 

    Pacific Street Gossips caught up with this young mother but could not obtain her name due to her difficulty in communicating because  of her disability. 

    But from what we could obtain,  she was allegedly abused by a man, got her impregnated and left to fend for her own.  

    She now frequents the side foot part near a busy over head bridge of the cities biggest mall, the Vision City mall.  

    She sits on the side foot part near the facing the busy Waigani driveway with her year old daughter and begs for help.

    She places a cardboard near her that explains her struggles. Our team assisted her with few cash to keep her going for the day. 

    While observing this everyday struggles by ordinary citizens like this young disable mother, Pacific Street Gossips seeks to find a solution to address such struggle and assist disseminating the information. 

    The relevant authority which is the government of Papua New Guinea keeps turning a blind eye on these pressing issues which continues to affect the lives of its citizens. 
    For instance, the main entrance of the country’s national Parliament is where you find most of such struggling citizens who literally go about doing street sales to find means and ways to survive. This is right in the nose of the 111 Members of Parliament who frequent this path.  

    Whilst alot of talks about the economic boom in the country,  the question many right thinking persons are asking is where are the cash flow directed at? 

    The good govements policies made in terms of economic sharing, could not adequately reach those rural setting and this could be a factor which causes urban drifting or people moving into the cities to excess better government services.  

    However, the more people flood into the cities,  it diverts the attention of those in authority to focus more on the cities alone then the rural areas. 

    The government should critically work hard to address this issue by focusing more on improving the districts by providing equal distribution of services to minimise the urban drift. 

    The government should also focus on creating economic opportunities for the rural people so they can sustain their livelihoods and contribute meaningly to the society and the nation as a whole. 

    Back to the young mother, she needs help in terms of a good shelter to raise her daughter. Any kind individual or organisation in Port Moresby city can visit her across the pathway at the bottom of the busy overhead  bridge opposite the vision City mall and assist her.